Healthy hair is not only a guarantee of beauty, but also an occasion for a good mood. You can achieve this by choosing cosmetics for hair care from the Company“HAYAT-COSMETIC”.

"HAYAT-COSMETIC" - All the best for beauty

         Shampoo combines the enhancement of the color of your hair with healing properties. All series of shampoos favorably affect the hair and its rhizome, without causing itching. Specialists“HAYAT-COSMETIC” all stages of production are controlled by the raw materials and finished products in order that all products meet the already proven quality.
         Products “HAYAT-COSMETIC”gives an opportunity to look compelling thanks to high quality ingredients, as well as careful monitoring of all necessary quality indicators and aesthetic properties. We work in such a way that every client is sure that selecting products
“HAYAT-COSMETIC”, he chose the best!

Shampoos from “HAYAT-COSMETIC”

Shampoos from “HAYAT-COSMETIC” 2 in 1

Shampoos from “HAYAT-COSMETIC”


       The conditioner for linen is a special remedy added during washing, which allows the fabrics to maintain their softness and at the same time gives them a pleasant fragrance.
       Conditioners for laundry give a positive effect:
1)  soften the fabric;
2)  repel dirt and moisture;
3)  simplify the ironing process after washing;
4)  keep colors bright;


       Thanks to the innovative components that are contained in the cleaner, it has a high detergency, so it acts instantly and does not leave marks and stains on the glass, greatly reduces the processing time, compared to conventional glass cleaners.
1)  The composition does not require flushing, without effort removes dirt, leaving no harmful residue.
2)   Effectively degreases glass surfaces, removing traces of sticky fingers.
3)  Essential oils impart a fresh fragrance.
4)  No harmful fumes.


       After washing hair with shampoo, experts recommend using balms, rinses or air conditioners. It is these funds that are used in the treatment of hair loss. Shampoo only cleans the head, and this is its main function, whereas before balm there is the task of softening the hair, nourishing the scalp and bulbs. Therefore we offer you 2 variants of balm from hayat-cosmetics


        There are many manufacturers of bleach. Bleach or stain remover sometimes we need to bring our clothes and other underwear into a normal look. We have solutions for this Bleach
+ stain remover from hayat-cosmetics help you

Purity from “HAYAT-COSMETIC”

       Thanks to the innovative components contained in Chistol, it has a high detergency, so it acts instantly and leaves no residue.

Liquid soap from “HAYAT-COSMETIC”

       Today, more and more replace conventional bar soap with a more practical and convenient liquid analogue. Liquid soap is safe for the skin. Experts dermatologists can also now argue that liquid soap does not cause great harm to health. You can consider soap an antibacterial agent.

Products from “HAYAT-COSMETIC”


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